• Who was the one to propose:

I’m not sure, I like to think it would be Wade but it’s hard to say. He would, tho, as a joke and maybe when he thought Peter was sleeping, but I don’t think he would be confident enough to actually propose. It was probably Peter, doing something dumb and oddly romantic. Wade cried when saw it was for real while Peter only laughed softly and joked about him being a sap. 

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Wade. It needed to be perfect because he thought Peter would regret marrying him if it wasn’t and omg what if ur aunt actually hates me petey what if the avengers hate me oh wait they do but OMG WHAT IF and he would cry if he found any flaw in his plans because he couldn’t fail. Not at this.

  • Who decorated the house:

It’s just a simple flat with simple decoration, but they did it together and they love it with all their heart. It’s theirs, you know? And it smells like home. (And Wade’s socks)

  • Who does the cooking:

They both do. Wade does the breakfeast, Peter the lunch (if they’re both home at the time) and dinner’s a take-out.

  • Who is more organized:

Peter isn’t even that organized but when compared to Wade… well, let’s just say it’s him.

  • Who initiates bedroom fun:

They both do, actually. It’s hard to say one because it’s pretty random.

  • Who suggested kids first:

Wade already has a kid, so it isn’t much of suggesting and more of “hey, i know we’re dating for, like, three-years and all but… did i ever told you i have a daughter? because yeah i have one”. Peter freaked out a little at first but when he met Eleanor he was cool with it.

  • Who’s more dominant:


  • Who’s the cuddler: 

They’re both cuddly persons, to be honest. Maybe Wade.

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

They don’t keep the same. They change everytime they cuddle because it’s more fun and confortable this way.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 

Fighting bad guys and movie marathons! Also visiting Aunt May!

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Neither. Wade can’t get drunk and Peter doesn’t like drinking.

  • Who kills the spiders: 

Probably Peter, sighing exasperated, while Wade pester him with “bUT PETEY WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR COUSIN OR SOMETHING YOU CAN’T JUST KILL A SPIDER”

  • Who falls asleep first: 

Peter, Wade has a hard time to fall asleep since he doesn’t really need it and because of the nightmares. Sometimes Peter try to stay awake until Wade sleeps but stopped after he realized that Wade’s more relaxed while watching him sleep.

  • A head canon: 

After they started to know each other better, Peter felt really bad about all the things he said about Wade. He’s more careful with what he says about others now, because you never know what the person has passed through.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 


  • Do they have any “rituals”?

Many. Their favorite is eating at a random rooftop after fighting bad guys.

  • Who is louder?

No, really, why do you even ask

  • Who is more experimental?

They both are, even thought Wade’s more experienced.

  • Who takes more risks?

Wade because he’s immortal. Peter hates that with a passion and almost always cry when he sees Wade dying, even thought he knows he’ll come back.

  • Do they fuck or make love?

They fuck with love.

  • Lights on or off?

At first off, Wade was too self-conscious to do it with the lights on, but after a while he got more confortable with everything and started to do it with the lights on. Peter knew it all along and just didn’t want to force him into something he wasn’t confortable enough to do.

  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

Wade. On purpose. (Peter does that a lot too, but it’s generally Wade).

  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?

They both do, generally as a joke. “What if we invited [name] to join us”. Sometimes they do it in bed. Narrating threesomes that never happened just to get the other off. I hardly think they would actually do a threesome, though, because it’s hard to find somebody who’s confortable enough with Wade’s scars.

  • Who comes first?

At first it was Peter because Wade wanted to always make sure that Peter came 

  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?

Let’s just say Wade has a lot of reasons to be called “the merc with a mouth”, if you know what i mean. Peter loves it btw.

  • Who is more submissive?


  • Who is more sensitive?

Wade because of his scars.

  • Who has the most patience?

Peter, without a doubt. You can’t date Deadpool withouth being patient, you know.

  • Which kinks do they share?

So many. Exhibitionism, D/s, crossdressing, roleplay, bondage…

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Spideypool - Dadpool



This prompt was super nice. Thanks for sending it to me!!! I really love mpreg, hah But I hope I did it alright dear anon… ;v;  

Sorry for my mistakes, English is not my first language :s

Anyway, enjoy! :>

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A Little Rest Won’t Hurt by ribkaDory

I had an old commission with a gay couple, but the commissioner never payed nor replied and i loved the pose too much to throw it away (: So i decided to re-make it into Spideypool *U* you can’t stop me now >:D

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(It’s like 8800 km)

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Are you ready for Free! Eternal Summer? (x)

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